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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a few Halloween festivities this year....

Let me start by saying that my husband goes ALL OUT with the yard decor. He loves decorating for Halloween and Christmas, and if passers-by stop for pictures and what-not, he just gets over-the-moon excited. It's awesome.

So, those are the pics from Halloween night. Never mind the chairs in the driveway---that's where we sat to dispense candy.

Scariest thing in my front yard: THIS girl.

But---before I get to Halloween night, let's post about Trunk-or-Treat at the church. Well, wouldn't you know it---I signed us up to host a trunk, and then find out that we have a baseball tournament that weekend. Whoops.
Mother in law to the rescue! While Damon stayed at the baseball tournament with Gage, I got Eliette and the trunk ready for Trunk or Treat. My mother in law came up to the church to watch Eliette while I finished the set up. Eliette was a mad woman, running all over the place that day.

 Eliette LOVED the Halloween pencils, and wanted all of them.

Daddy and Gage arrived after the event started---when Gage's baseball tournament was over.

Oh, those two! Seriously: how blessed are we? So lucky to have two healthy kiddos who ADORE each other. So lucky.
Sister was easily the cutest black cat I've ever seen, and Gage was just my handsome little man, per usual!
Gage with his buddies:

What else did we do pre-Halloween?
Well....there was an awesome backdrop for this little one to have her picture taken....It was our yard! (Thank you, Hubby).... We were actually going to visit family this day, and E just looked so cute that I had to snap a pic.
 ...and on our walk later that day: how cute is this???

Here's Eliette in her super cute candy corn headband that Jess got for her. She LOVES the indoor trampoline park. This was on one of our Sunday School mom's gathering there for toddler jump. Good times.
In our pre-Halloween festivities there was a little failure... That was really all my doing. What do you want from me? I tried....
Sweet girl loves the holidays! Who says that all Halloween costumes have to be scary? Not this little Bat-Girl!
Of course there was some holiday shopping.... We can't help ourselves....

Reminds me of "Big Baby" from Toy Story 3. Eliette was not having it!
And the creepy doll baby section? Ewwwwww!

Had to make a comparison shot to share: 2013 vs 2014.

On Halloween day, Eliette had a fun play-date at our same indoor trampoline park. After that, it was lunch with friends. It was a busy morning. How cute are these little bitty pig tails?
 ...she's a runner!
I *thought* I had more pics saved from that adventure with friends, but apparently not. (boo!) The point: had fun & had lunch. Life was good.

I took E home to nap and ran up to Baylor to visit a friend who had a baby! Baby K was welcomed into this world before Halloween, but I was super excited to visit and meet her on Halloween Day.

And then, before I knew it, it was Halloween Night! Now, for our actual Halloween pics! Damon usually goes all out in costume. (Yay!) He puts his make-up on with Eliette around so that she doesn't freak out when she sees him. This year, his face was pretty creepy! She wasn't scared at all. Gage? He hardly wanted his picture taken at all, and getting him to participate was like pulling teeth. He wanted to run off with his friends every 5 seconds. He's at that age....

Pics from our night, featuring Eliette as "The Itsy Bitsy Spooky Spider", Mommy as a black cat, Gage as "Death" (though he wouldn't wear the mask, and rarely wore his hood up, and generally had a smile on his face. He was the happiest, non-scary "Death," and this mom is okay with that!).

 Please note the face. She's not amused...barely happy at all. We'll get to that later....

Heeeeeeere's Daddy:
 Goodness! The scariness!!!!

R2 and Eliette, then Jess & R2:
Check out this YAHOO:

No lie: that fool just kind of stood on the sidewalk around our house and the neighbor's house...he'd silently walk along the sidewalk with his one creepy balloon....or just stand under the street light. People would CROSS THE STREET just to not be anywhere near him. {It's our neighbor, James. Damon always likes to scare people on Halloween, and what's the one thing that Damon's most afraid of? Clowns. Ha!!!! Points for James. (seriously, it was pretty creepy.)}
The kiddos trick-or-treated for a while, and it was fun to see the neighborhood kids that we know. I like it when Gage's classmates come by too and I get to see them in their costumes... So cute. Gage and R1 trick-or-treated for just a bit, and then they wanted to stay home and hide and scare others. That's the spirit that makes Daddy proud!
Gage and R1 with their loot:
And then what happened?
I took Sister in to change her diaper. She was burning up. Took her temp. I can't remember how high it was now as I'm typing this, but it was crazy high. Urgent Care vs. ER high.
Got her changed into jammies, dosed with Motrin, hugged Memaw 'goodbye' and hit the road to have her checked out.

Final diagnosis: tonsillitis and double ear infection.

Antibiotics, Tylenol/Motrin, Pro-biotics, and bed.

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