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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Fall, Y'all....

Special library storytime and craft for our Early Childhood PTA group....
Guess what?
I spent most of the time chasing E, even more than usual.
Oh, that's always fun.

With all of the kiddos on the floor, and diaper bags and phones and purses and snacks belonging to others---it's just all too much for Eliette to resist.
She's a mess.

(We really have a great little library storytime room. Eliette loves it there.)

The craft was gluing leaves onto a Fall tree. Eliette mostly wanted to run around with the glue sticks---one in each hand, of course.

She did a little gluing, but she'd rather go-go-go.... unlike her sweet friend, J, who was happy to sit on her Mommy's lap and glue.
Okay, in the above pic it looks like J is completely disinterested and that her mommy was doing the whole thing. I was there. It wasn't really like that.

(E: I'm just sayin' your charisma, but staying in one place for more than 20 seconds would be a God-send sometimes!)

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