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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Kitchen Remodel.

So----nothing would do until Eliette got a kitchen. Was she demanding one? Ummm....not so much. Was her mother eager for her to have one? Absolutely.

I finally decided on THIS from Ikea.

I felt it needed a remodel immediately. You know---to match our kitchen.

So, she got the dark cabinetry, and stainless appliances... a gas top range was just out of the question though. {wink, wink}(Hubby gets mad props for the painted perfection that is her new kitchen.)
My thoughts on it: if it's going to be out and about, it needs to kind of blend, right? {Not that any of the other bright colored plastic toys that litter this home 'match the decor' by any means...} Other thought: shut it away in her room? Not a chance. I like her having it out and about. She can work in her kitchen while I work in mine.

Her first reaction: "this is so much fun!"
Her second reaction: "where's the water? Oh, great: mine's broken. This faucet is broken." She patted the faucet repeatedly, lifted the sink out and threw it while she screamed. Awesome. She fixes things like her mother.

And now, as I type this post---her little kitchen is full. She's got dishes and groceries, and a sponge, and pots & pans, and a mixer!
Life is good.



At 6:00 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

This looks fantastic! I never would have thought to do it, but it turned out great!


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