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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ornament Exchange...

So, Eliette's first real holiday kick off this year was her little ornament exchange. {I should have posted about this BEFORE the Santa party---but I didn't. Doing things out of order. Whoops! Just know---this happened first. Not that it really matters...}

I'd love to say that I got some great pictures from that event, but I didn't. I don't think anyone realized how popular of an activity it would be, and therefore our group kind of overtook the venue and it was a bit of a mad house.

Quick pics of E heading out and there at the donut shop....
 As you can tell in this next shot, the big bow was quite important to her...

 "Donut on my face? What donut?"
After that was all said and done, a few of us headed to a nearby playground to let our kids run off some of that donut sugar before naptime. This was a new playground for us to visit---like a little hidden gem that we just learned about. Yay!

Sister clearly enjoyed herself....

It was a very busy morning. Eliette got her little ornament: a frozen figurine missing one eye by the time we got her home. She played and played at the park and just had a great little morning. By naptime---we were both exhausted. It was a good-tired!

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