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Monday, November 03, 2014

Oh, she was sick?

Big shocker with this kid: she goes to a group event where other children are present, and about 72 hours later--she's sick.

So, I thought she had a cold.
Ended up at the dr on a Saturday. I was sick and she was sick.... Ugh.
Few days later: I was better and she was worse:
She was just crying in that first picture. She settled down, but I know my baby and I knew that she was sick....and feverish (thus the diaper only outfit...)

Back to the dr: ear infection.
This was our first ear infection post-tubes.
So, oral antibiotics to the rescue.
Or, so we thought. I started seeing these little mosquito bite looking spots on Eliette and she would just cry and cry. I seriously was looking all around for mosquitos thinking that the baby was being bitten....

I thought I was crazy, seeing more and more of them, so I started taking pics of them and sending them to my husband to show him---and then we realized----she's reacting to her new antibiotic. Awesome.
So---no more amoxicillin for this kid.

She eventually settled down and we talked to the dr. We switched her to a different medicine, and moved on....
That day she napped on Mommy's chest. It was such a wonderful feeling after such a rough few days....

This child is our complicated baby. Nothing is easy with her (except the joy and delight she brings!)... She's had food allergies/sensitivities. She reacts to minute ingredients in medications. She's had to be on mega-meds that led to c-diff and thrush. She reacts to immunizations. She's just sensitive to everything, and that is all new to us. We had no idea how easy it was with Gage! Recurrent ear infections were not a part of his infancy/toddler years. If he was on antibiotics, it was Though, I remember fevers being a big deal with him. Every high fever threw us for a loop---but other than that, he just wasn't as sensitive as Eliette is.

Anyway...we are all learning what works and doesn't work for her.
"It's all a part of the experience, Russ."



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