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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Night Out. Whaaaaat???

Hubby and I had a date night out when our friend, Mel, had a birthday.
A night out.

First we went to dinner----somewhere.
I forget where.
It wasn't any place I'd ever been...
Oh, but it had valet. How I often miss valet living in suburbia. It's just a truth. I accept this about myself. I love valet parking. Parking my car is not hard, per se, but to just valet is so much easier..... I think every grocery store should have valet. And while they've got my car they should gas it up and wash it... I'm just sayin'.....

Back to the topic: we went out.

Went to "The Rustic." I'd never been there either. It's like being in a Texas backyard. Heels were a mistake---but then again, I didn't know that as I got dressed. Live music, picnic tables, big trees, and overhead stringed was laid back fun.

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