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Thursday, October 16, 2014

DMA with Gammy

As the Summer was winding down, Gage wanted to do something fun with Gammy. His free days were numbered, and really---who am I kidding? The Summer snuck away from us. It came and went before we knew it. Somehow, we took all of those weeks and filled them up!

Gage wanted to spend some of his last free time with Gammy, one of his great-grandmothers. We decided on a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art. 

The above pic was actually taken as we left, but that's okay! I'm putting it first. Love my sweet son, and love my Gammy! We left Eliette at home so that we could roam freely without naptime constraints.

In the portion of the museum designated for children, Gage worked diligently on his own masterpiece. After we saw a whole section on jewelry, Mommy worked hard on making a necklace from the materials provided....

Here we are showing off our hard work:
(Who DOESN'T love a twist-tie and paper necklace??)

The children's area was a lot of fun.... 

After the art museum, we had lunch at El Fenix, and then took Gammy home.

It was a great day and both Gage and Gammy say that they can't wait to go back!

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