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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Perpetual Motion.

I ask for pictures of the kids, and it's just perpetual motion.
Here they were---kind of coordinating and looking cute.
"Let Mommy get a few pictures of you guys! Go stand over there.... No, let's go outside... Stop! Come back! Look at Brother. No, stay there! Sit down. Look at Mommy. Smile. Really! Would you just smile? Turn toward Mommy. Come baaaaaack!"

Perpetual Motion.

So, forget the well posed, looking at the camera shots. This is our life.
It's fast and fun and ever changing, and if you stop to take a zillion posed pictures---you just might miss out on the fun. {Oh, how I need to constantly remind myself of that....}

Just so the world knows, these pics were taken one morning before church...
The good news: clearly everyone had a happy disposition that morning. Hallelujah! Church mornings can be such boogers sometimes. Before we get to church, someone's usually changed outfits 3 or 4 times, that same person or somebody else hates their shoes and lets the world know....someone has begged not to go....several harsh words are sometimes said, and we pull into the parking lot wondering if the morning's events are written all over our faces. Good times....

But clearly---in the above pics we were happy campers with time to spare.

This is the season of our life. Always going. Before we know it, this season will be going, going, gone.  May I open my mind to embracing the noise and chaos.

Memory-making in process!

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