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Friday, October 10, 2014

Just Your Average Morning.

My lap is full.

When I was pregnant with Eliette, Gage became very upset when my belly got big to the point that my lap was disappearing. There was literally too little room on my legs left to hold him because the belly was in the way. Common problem for pregnant women with existing children who want to sit there I imagine. I just remember the day when he wanted to sit in my lap in the bathroom while I was running his bath water and he just cried and wailed that my lap was going away because the baby was taking it. Bless his little sweet heart! But---looks like he doesn't mind sharing the lap these days. He loves his sister!

....but she's not ALWAYS so amusing....

Gage is thinking, " Really, Mom? Really? "

And this sweet thing post-breakfast is thinking, "How can you not just love this face!?"


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