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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Back to School Shopping....

With Daddy home for a year, we get to head into Dallas all together for random fun. Well, that, and dr appointments, errands, just whatever.

On this one particular day, Daddy had a morning dr appt in Dallas, and Eliette had her post-op appointment in Dallas later in the day. Gage had a pair of shoes in mind for the school year that could ONLY be found at the Nike store (turns out that wasn't true, and they weren't even in-stock there, but call ahead and AVOID a trip to Northpark? Never!)

So, Damon dropped us off at the mall, and headed over to the doctor.

Gage took in the new art installation at the mall. He LOVES the art there. He has always paid attention to the various pieces since he was little. Even as a toddler, he would notice and tell me when something was changed. Smart boy!

We did a little clothes shopping for Brother too....
Eliette was free-to-roam with Brother by her side.

"What's this place called 'school?' You're going to leave me and go to schoooool???"


After the mall, we hit Jason's Deli for a quick lunch before the doctor's appointment.

Sometimes waiting can be fun. Sometimes it's boring and takes FOR.EVER.
Not with these two: never a dull moment. 

How was post-op?
Quick and easy!
Ears looked perfect.
AND---there was a noticeable difference in Sister's hearing within hours of the surgery.
True story: came home from surgery. She was tired at first, and snuggly. We (Eliette and I) were sitting on the couch in the living room just chilling while Brother was feverish and sick in his room (previous post....). The ice maker in the kitchen made the ice and released it into the ice bin. This is a noise that just becomes ambient house noise, you know? You don't think about it. If you hear it, you know what it is so you do nothing. It just is a faint household sound. WELL----she heard it, and reacted like the SWAT team came busting through our front door. She FREAKED OUT. That's when it occurred to me: she's never heard that before. Oh My Goodness. I wanted to cry and cheer at the same time (okay, so maybe I DID both of those things). So amazing. So great. So thankful.

Since her ear tube surgery (which we agonized about the decision to do it, but I'm sooooo glad we did) she's just in a whole new world. It's amazing to watch her and hear her respond to sounds.
Happy Girl!!!!!
{No, we don't routinely lock her in the laundry room, but she went in there, and closed the gate behind herself. Then we joke about 'baby jail' and she kisses me through the bars.}

Other pics from the day:
 "Where's your tongue?" There it is!

She tries to kiss the baby she sees in the reflection of the mirror, or when I turn the screen on the camera to take pictures of her. Sweet girl.... Pucker up, Buttercup!

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