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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pleasure Pier, 2014

The fun continued in Galveston....The highlight reel:

We started with more seafood.... yum.

I forget the name of the restaurant...but we were overlooking Pleasure Pier.
How could we NOT go there, right???

Gage actually had a GREAT time, but I take issue with the fact that you have to pay JUST TO ESCORT YOUR CHILD onto the pier. That's crazy-cakes to me. Any way to generate income or maybe control the number of people on the pier at one time....I dunno..... but whatever. In the end it was worth it.

See this next ride----like a big-boy-grown-up-ride???
That's my boy. It lifts up and spins and you go out on this giant arm-like structure where you're spinning in the air way out over the water, not just above the pier. It looked really cool, and really scary, and really grown up for my little 8 year old! Daddy and I would have lost our dinner if we even THOUGHT about going on it. Gage was insistent that he wanted to try it whether we went with him or not. He probably rode that thing 8 times. He loved it. Brave boy.

We had some mellow activities on the pier as well...

In the end, it was the assortment of rides that thrilled him. Can't blame him....I was a kid once too, and loved stuff like this. Now, I just love watching my kids have fun doing these things, and pray that they don't talk me into climbing aboard something spinny!

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