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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sea World 2014

The highlight reel:
The day:

He was very excited to know that he could ride just about everything... And actually, I think he could ride everything as long as an adult was with him.

He started out on this:
And QUICKLY moved to this:

So brave! Seriously!!!!!

Eliette, not so brave that day. She was not at all interested in masked creatures, though she's normally our less-cautious child...
She was excited about the actual Shamu show. Entranced at some points, and very animated with her clapping at other points. Super cute.

Brother? Well, he wanted to be in the wet-zone. Actually, we were technically IN the wet-zone. He wanted to be in the 'you-will-get-soaked' zone. The rest of us? Not so much!

In these next pics, you can't see it, but they are RIGHT IN FRONT of Gage. He was soooo excited.

Mommy & baby. How sweet!

After the show: Daddy, Mommy, and Eliette were still hot and sweaty. Gage was soaking wet and all smiles.

It was back out into the sun for more fun...

Daddy won a basketball for Gage, and then I think they rode the big roller coaster 2-3 more times. (Better you than me, Daddy!)  I rode some other rides with Gage, while Daddy took Eliette to an Elmo concert. Her first concert: Elmo & Friends. So sweet! She danced her tail off!

After that, we headed over to the splash park area. Eliette appreciated the scene from the periphery.

She much preferred to stay right under Mommy's feet...

Or loot from the other parked strollers all around the area...seriously.
She also seemed more interested in everything just beyond the fenced in area....

And she'd rather just wash her own sandals than play in the water with others...

To note: yes, I am that mother that just let her play in her t-shirt and a swim diaper. Life was just easier that way, okay?


Oh, he had a blast!

In the end, there were so many different shows that we didn't see, but, we were done. We needed to get out of there, and out of the sun!

It was a great day. A long, no-nap, great day.

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