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Friday, August 15, 2014

Road Trip....Lake Trip! (Part One)

I know, I'm so behind in blogging. Well....the end of June brought us a ROAD TRIP!
"Lake Tyler, here we come!"

The good news: it wasn't long until she was a little more like this:
And before we knew it, we were looking at this:

Pics from the trip to the lake house:

Seriously, these boys could not WAIT to get into the water.... {Can we go swimming? Can we go fishing? When are we going to go on the boat? Is it time yet?}  Oh, and by "could not WAIT," what I meant was: R2 did not wait and went straight into the pool!

Jess and I had fun playing it up for the camera. Too bad we didn't have mad crazy yoga skills to display on a paddle board like some of the other lake goers. (free show for those who were interested....)

Whatevs....we had fun. Too many kids around and not enough "beverages," but fun....

My mom cut oranges just the way I like them! {Seriously, when I was a pre-teen/teenager, my mom would cut oranges into perfect little triangle pieces, and I'd just munch on them poolside. Spoiled? Me? Maybe a little....I don't care. It's the little things in life that I remember and cherish. It's only 'spoiled' if you don't appreciate it, right? I totally appreciated the triangle oranges. Just sayin'....}

Now, it wasn't long after the previous pic was taken that Eliette fell and hit her forehead. Yes, she can walk but she had balance issues and whatever---she's one! She falls a lot! So, she bonked her head and had a nice little cut for the rest of the trip.

And then, at some other point she got her toe squished in a wooden board balance game. She was not having the best weekend....Or rather, she had some injuries, but still managed to have a good time.

When on the dock, we resorted to the baby backpack leash for Eliette. Had to. With all of the water around, it just helped us to feel better.
There was a lot of fishing. I can't remember who caught the first fish, or the biggest fish, or the most fish. It really seemed like all of the fish were small, and it may have been the same 2-3 fish that were getting caught again & again & again.... The thing to note about this fishing experience: Gage started to bait his own hook. Big deal right there....

 More pics from the evening....

Mmmm, dinner that night:

Now, also while we were there, we celebrated R2's b-day! Five! He's a whole hand old!

Oh, it was a long day. A great day, but a long one.

Part Two coming soon.

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