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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zoo Trip, June 2014.

I don't have ALL of the pics from this next outing because my camera died as we walked into the zoo. I only have what I snapped with my phone.

Where: Dallas Zoo.
When: June 10th.
Who: A whole group of us!
{Rikki, and her 3 girls, Me, and my two, and one extra, Gage's Buddy, C}
That's two adults and 6 kids. We were so outnumbered.

So, here are some of the shots I *DO* have.

 (Hey, son, that's a rather 80s looking hairstyle you're rockin' there.... Just sayin'....)

 Someone was soooo tired....
 And by "someone," I mean: we were all sooooo tired!

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