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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shopping girl....

Oh, my sweet girl is a shopper. She loves carrying any kind of bag and loading it with goodies. She loves purses. She loves acquiring new things. Daddy is so in trouble!

...and so is her future husband, but hey, he may very well be getting used to her spending habits here at an early age.

:) This is C and Eliette. He's a bit younger than E, but she's okay being the older woman.

6/2/2014: Susan and I met up with the "littles" for a little lunching and shopping....
Eliette was thrilled, clearly:
I can't remember where we ate... Reasons, Seasons, 59 Forks----who knows! I just remember: it was delicious and it was all dairy free and fresh and delicious!

...and then there was shopping.... Sister wanted OUT of that stroller and she insisted on carrying her own bag.

Now, originally I just loved this above photo of Eliette... There at Northpark, where her brother took some of his first steps. There she was, walking the same halls, shopping, thinking, walking...Northpark: a place that I just love to be, doing something that I just love to do!
...and then PawPaw put a whole other spin on in. She's this tiny little thing in this huge place, alone, looking down, just kind of forging through the situation by herself, carrying the weight of her own bags---OMG, may she never be alone in this world! Ugh!

So, I suppose like all the great works of art {because, duh, my daughter herself is clearly a masterpiece} there's always room for interpretation.

Sweet Baby Girl, may you never feel as alone as you appear in this picture. Please know that I will always be right behind you, cheering you on, with a watchful eye to the path before you.

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