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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Almost 40.

In the Spring, the man I married turned "almost forty." Well, in fact, Hubby says that once you turn 38, when people learn your age they say, "Oh, I didn't know you were almost 40." I believe it's started to bother him...a little. Anyway---I've done my part to reassure him that when you turn 39, you REALLY ARE ALMOST FORTY! He doesn't find it all that amusing. Clearly, it's hilarious.

 How did we celebrate? I did exactly what he wanted: I made my baked potato soup and he LOVES it. We invited his parents over, and had dinner and cake. I made the cake too. Oh, and sweet corn bread. Hubby loved it all. {Yaaaay!}

 Part of Hubby's gift from me was a lottery ticket bouquet. We're not all that into lottery tickets. Never really think to buy them....but, it was fun! It was just unexpected and random---and it was fun. Gage loved doing the "scratchers" with Daddy.
Guess how much $$ Hubby got: "Almost 40 dollars." No lie!!!! I bought $39 worth of tickets, and he won $39. So amusing! It ended up being completely free entertainment.

So, Hubby, Happy Almost 40. You'll always be older than me.

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