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Sunday, July 27, 2014

** June GNO **

Pics from 6/6 GNO. I don't have ALL the pics from that night, and it was a fun night, but here are a couple:

{Okay, really, we are quite the tame bunch who sit and talk.... Or rather, that's how we've been SO FAR. }

And while this mama was out for GNO, our little handsome devil was out at a Rangers Game B-Day party for his buddy, and caught a ball in the pump-up-the-crowd activities that they have. Yay for him! He was soooooo excited and declared that H had the!

So, while I was out and Gage was out, Daddy was home with Little Miss all by himself. I believe he put her to bed and enjoyed some PEACE and QUIET for a change!

GNO: So ready for the August one. Just sayin'.... Somebody better start organizing, yo!

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