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Monday, July 28, 2014


Gage was lucky enough this Summer to attend not one but TWO different Vacations Bible Schools. Lucky duck.

The first was at our church, and this was his second year to attend...

Gage was lucky enough to have two friends in his group this year.
At the end of the week, the kids all put on a singing program for the parents. Eliette was THRILLED to find that her brother was sitting on the front row. This is how she wanted to spend her time during the performance:
Above pic taken by blurry cell phone, before the program started. Makes my heart sing! She just wanted to be right there, with him, hugging the whole time. So sweet! Sadly, Daddy had to take her out of the sanctuary for the actual performance so that others could see the show...

VBS #2: invited by friends, so he was excited to go. He was also excited that it was an evening VBS and they served dinner. Seriously, this kid has gone on & on about the food served. I think that was his favorite part! {Kids are so funny, right?}

So, two VBS sessions this Summer. He was so excited to be a part of both!

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