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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

City League Baseball.

Gage's baseball team competes in tournaments as well in the city league.

This year, he had an especially close game with a team where Gage is friends with some of the players on the opposing team. Gage was especially excited and nervous about this game...

In the end, Gage's team won, but it was a reeeeally close game. Perhaps the best of the season in terms of entertainment value!

At another game of the season, Gage was given the opportunity to catch. This boy of mine---wanted to be catcher at some point ALL.SEASON.LONG. Let me just say---not his finest baseball performance, but he didn't totally suck when you consider he was playing it for the very first time in borrowed catching gear. He was so excited!

AND---that just happened to be the night that R1 & R2 came with us to cheer Gage on. We traded one sweet baby girl for two wild & hungry boys for the evening. Turns out, we all won!

In the end, Gage's team placed first in the city league. He was THRILLED to get a 1st place baseball trophy.

 Shortly thereafter, the city hosted a tournament after the regular seasonal play. Although Gage's team came out first for the season, they didn't win first place in the tournament. It was a bit of an upset for Gage, but he put on a brave face to congratulate his friend.

...but alas, baseball wasn't over for us just yet!
We had more tournaments and the local World Series to look forward to.
Clearly, I'll be posting about that soon....

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