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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fiesta Texas, 2014.

So, on Gage's Summer Bucket List, Six Flags was listed.
Six Flags Fiesta Texas? Even better! Why? Because it's not just down the road for us, so it's not like he's ever been there before or gets to go there very often.

Before we could head out, Gage wanted to get his last bit of swimming and tube rides in before we checked out of the super-cool hotel...
I grabbed a coffee, and happily lounged by the pool while he had a blast.

We checked out of the hotel and headed off to Fiesta Texas...

The highlight reel: 

The details....
We get there, and Gage cannot WAIT to hop on the roller coasters. What fueled this desire was the roller coaster show on the Travel Channel that we all watched the night before.

I actually can't remember the name of the first coaster they hit, but I got a video of them....and here they are in the end.
Dizzy? Nauseated? check, & check.
Ready to do it again? Gage said, "Yes!"

Baby on a leash? Yes....for a while anyway...
There's E with her bucket of popcorn. That girl can put away some popcorn!

Gage loves to play these little games every time.... He won a stuffed animal for himself, and one for his sister. Sweet boy.

 There was more coaster riding for some...

...and napping for others.

Yes, I found an indoor, air conditioned dining room that was actually FREEZING after the first 5 minutes in the room. beat being in the heat, and as long as this little one was sleeping, we were going to let her...

What happened later in the day? We tried to get Eliette on board with some kiddie-rides.
First up: this little ferris wheel. One parent can ride with one child. Daddy went with Eliette, and I went with Gage. These were the best two pictures:

Does it look like she's smiling? She's not. She's screaming. No, you cannot hold the child, they must be buckled in, and no, they wouldn't stop the ride to let her off. You could hear her screaming for miles around, I'm sure. Being the good mom that I am, I photographed the moment.

Gage, thrilled to be in a separate car from his sister:

Naturally, we decided to try our luck at a different ride. How about a train?

It got better:

Everyone rode rides. I rode a water ride with Gage. Daddy rode the roller coasters (thank you for taking THAT for the team!)... Oh, and I rode the mine-train with Gage about a dozen times....Then we wrapped up our day. 

It was a fun, fun, fun day!

Oh, and for the record, Monday is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DAY TO GO TO FIESTA TEXAS. The lines weren't long. There were plenty of people there, but nothing was really crowded. We waited longer to get into the park than we did for any rides.

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