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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beach Bound

So, this past Summer...we had the luxury of not really having to be anywhere on any particular day with Damon taking a year off from work, and me just working PRN. It was incredibly freeing and WEIRD to just load up in the car with the kids, with a GENERAL plan in mind, but no set plans or set return date. While in San Antonio, we randomly had the idea to take the kids to the Texas coast for 4th of July. We weren't super sure of where to go b/c we aren't well-versed in the Texas coast and we ended up in Galveston.

We looked at going to Kemah, but I couldn't find much information about beaches in Kemah and Gage wanted to go to the beach.... We looked at other places that supposedly have better beaches, but we couldn't find hotel/condo openings b/c it was a holiday weekend and we were last minute planning.

So, we went to Galveston and it was just fine. It was not any of our "dream vacation" by any means, but it had ocean waves, sand, sun, and togetherness: all things we wanted for our road trip.

View from our condo: 

Pics from day 1 at the beach....

She was tired. She was fussy. The beach was way too sandy for her taste... Gage, on the other hand, LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Gage loves the sand, and the water, and the waves, and building sandcastles, and even the seaweed that washed ashore didn't bother him.... He is our little beach buddy!

So, that day, we woke up in San Antonio...checked out of our hotel....hit the road to the coast...stopped at Buc-ees (no, no pics from there, and that's a shame!)....and then arrived in Galveston. We got checked in and I think immediately headed down to the beach....

After a WHILE at the beach, we went back inside, and cleaned up for dinner. 
Seafood ocean-side? Yes, please!
...and how did our night end?
With two tuckered out children, and two VERY tired parents!

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