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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Galveston, Day 2.

"Hey, Mom. See that beach down there? How about we give it another whirl?"

Brother? He's ALL IN! Yay!!!

 What's that he built? A FOOT SPA for his MOTHER!
 And then he built us a LOUNGER! Why? Because he's the sweetest EVER.

 After a while at the beach, we headed back up to the pool area for a swim before Eliette's nap time...

Before long, Daddy and Eliette disappeared upstairs for napping, and I stayed with Gage by the pool. He made fast friends with some of the other boys playing and swimming, and shenanigans ensued.

{Please note the "NO DIVING" sign. So, out came little-miss-uniform to get onto the boys about jumping off the ledge. "It says 'no diving.'" Gage found it necessary to point out that he was not diving. She made the mistake of saying that jumping is diving. "Not in the Olympics." Way to go, Gage. Stand your ground! Never mind the fact that the sign doesn't actually SAY anything because signs don't speak! Hahahaha! (Self: simmer down. You're encouraging a hooligan!) I just didn't see anything wrong with the little boys jumping off the ledge. I suppose their liability mindset didn't want to deal with any calcaneus fractures that may have occurred ...there was little to no concern about head injuries for the boys going in butt first and feet first...this momma was watching!} my tirade.See the kiddo in the goggles above? Well, he let me know really quickly that the goggles I bought to take on the trip were crappy. They didn't ever seal well and they filled up with pool water. Hey, in my defense, I got cheap stuff to lug to the beach so that if they were lost or had to be left behind, it wasn't any great loss. In the end, it was fine. It wasn't like he was out in the ocean snorkeling or anything!

When the princess awoke, we headed BACK down to the beach to satisfy Brother. Oh, and to mention, there was some lunch consumed somewhere in there---it was poolside dining.

Our little set up at the beach:
Gage and I had fun with Eliette in the teeny-tiny tent that we thought she would love...

It was a long day filled with fun in the sun.

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