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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camp Darnin 2014

{Poor PawPaw. He gets no love in the title of Gage's favorite week of Summer. Sorry, PawPaw! It's Camp Darnin. Poor, poor PawPaw!}

Camp Darnin 2014 started a little later than usual in the season because of illness at the Casa de Lainey Paney....but, Gage was SO GLAD to get down there and start his week.

 Before Camp:

Mom would text me pictures throughout the week... Loved it.

Now, this next one is my favorite: Gage at Wienerland.
To an 8 year old little boy, a place called "Wienerland" sounds like a fun and funny place. Turns out, it has crappy food, fly paper hanging by the drive through window, and it's clearly not much to look at. I'm just glad it's not the Tyler, TX version of Chippendales. Woohoo! 'Wienerland' wink*wink....

Gage declared it 'disgusting' and from what I understand, they didn't eat their food but Gage still wants a t-shirt sporting the restaurant's name. ....of course he does....

FINALLY, at the end of the week, it was time to go get our little buddy!

So, we families go to this large room and wait for the campers to come running in. It's pretty awesome when they do because for us, we haven't seen Gage in a week.

Then they congregate by cabin, and sing praise & worship songs.
It was absolutely too much to keep these two apart! Eliette couldn't stand it. She had to run to Brother.

So sweet. So unbelievably sweet.

Then, the cabins break into their small groups and each of the cabin counselors reads nice things he's written about each camper. Gage and his counselor:

We were sooooo happy to have our camper!
And as we seems they didn't want to let us go!

Oh, Gage is just so lucky to have grandparents to host him for a whole week of just HIM time. He's so lucky to get to go to Pine Cove and participate. He loves it, and we love that it all comes together to work out for him....
We {HEART} Pine Cove!
...and we HEART*HEART*HEART Darnin  PawPaw.

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