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Friday, October 17, 2014

Gage & Mommy Day, 2014

As Summer was winding down, Mommy started to feel the tug of wanting some one-on-one time with Gage before he headed back to school.

We had a day, I tell ya! Left the house with a general plan, but it was certainly subject to change along the way.....

As we headed out, we ran to Bahama Bucks for a shaved ice. To note, this would be trip #1 to Bahama Bucks for the day... As you can already tell, this would turn out to be quite the perky day for Gage. :)

Stop #2: Dallas Arboretum. We used to live by the Arboretum, and he loves it there. Recently, he went on a school field trip, and it was his first time to experience the new children's area. Well, that was kind of a rushed trip through there at the end of our field trip, and I promised to take him back when he could go through the whole area at his own pace. So---we did. He loved it. 

What next? Lunch, of course!
And then what happened?
Well, we were headed to our next location, & I told Gage, "Mommy and Daddy used to live over here, and we met over there, and that's where Mommy lived when I met Daddy...." He wanted to see all of the places, and we were right near there, so---we drove around and I showed him all the different places.It was so cute that he was even interested. Sweet boy! {Oh, sweet Gage, that's the beginning of your story....and I love that you care about it!}
Gage, just outside of our first loft.
(I often miss urban living...)

After that, we headed to the Dallas World Aquarium. Yaaaaay!
This child truly loves aquariums. Always has. Shark week on tv? He's all over it. And yet, when given the opportunity to snorkel in the Bahamas (even in a controlled environment at the Atlantis), he was just a bit too cautious for that! He gets that from me. I call it a healthy respect for the ocean and marine life. Don't care to swim with sharks? I don't blame you!

When we left the aquarium, we headed home....and of course, had to run through Bahama Bucks A-GAIN....
Here Gage is posing with his cup from his first shaved ice (blue bubblegum) and his second shaved ice (I think it was strawberry).

It was a GREAT day.
I was glad to get home because this mama was TIRED----but it was wonderful to spend uninterrupted time with our son. Loved it. Hope this becomes a back-to-school tradition!

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