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Saturday, October 18, 2014

3rd Grade.

Every year, Gage's school posts the class assignments on the Friday afternoon before school starts. It's an event that Gage does NOT want to miss. He's always excited to find out which friends will be in his class, and it's just a fun, exciting day....

A first: getting to PICK where he sat. That's right. Big deal to this kiddo. So, he sat in a specific seat and waited....and waited....and waited to save the seat next to him for his buddy, C. We already saw the list of students in the class, and Gage was thrilled to see his buddy's name on the list. Finally, his teacher gave Gage permission to claim the seat for C, and explained that if C wanted to sit elsewhere, he could.... Yaaaay!

So, what else happened on the Friday before school would start? The end of the year pool party hosted by some kiddos that Gage used to go to school with. {new school = redirection of some of the students, but Gage still has friends at his old school...he's an equal opportunity party goer. :) }

Now what do the "fun moms" do at the back-to-school-pool-party?? Cannon-Ball, of course!
Our boys were very surprised and we had fun with that.

 Before we knew it, Monday morning came! First day of 3rd grade....

Pictured above with the school's name-sake on the first day of classes. She's there to welcome students, and she's just as nice as she can be! She also attends our church and lives nearby. Gage thinks she's a bit of a celebrity.
 Gage's buddy, C, was there and super excited to sit next to Gage.
 Mommy and her big 3rd grader!
"Okay, you can leave now, Mom."

So now what???
It was a LONG day for Eliette without her brother!

On the first day of school, we drove Brother, and picked him up. Eliette was all over him. She laid on his backpack...she tried on his shoes. She just wanted to be WITH HIM all afternoon and evening. She didn't even want him to shower without her!

Other things to note about this 3rd grader: he came home and informed me that he needed some Axe body wash and "some of that stuff that goes under your arms." Whaaaaat? You don't even know what it's called, but you need it!?!? be 8 years old again....

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