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Thursday, August 08, 2013

PawPaw's Birthday Weekend....

I'm just over a month behind in blogging. Nice, eh???

Well, back in July, we went to Tyler for Pawpaw's birthday.
Let me rephrase that: Eliette & I went. Daddy and Gage had killer seats at a Rangers game, right behind home plate. Can't beat that!

Pics from our weekend....

The partying started Friday night at Mark & Tammy's.... Bitty Girl was as content as she could have been over there!

 Then there was Pawpaw's birthday party on Saturday night...

(Look! It's like one of those kissy-face-selfies that all the girls are doing! Problem is: she can't hold a camera or cell yet, so it's not exacty a "selfy".... Ha!)

It was a pretty long evening for Little Miss. She wasn't wanting to nurse. She wasn't wanting her formula. I had a nipple and no bottle actually (long story), so Aunt Cathey had to run to the store and buy us a bottle! Finally she ate a little, and conked out. Poor Bitty Girl....

 Hmmm....what are those?? Toothpicks??? Cranzell, how DID those get there!?

Back at Darnin's house, Eliette got to sleep in Nora's cradle... (Who is Nora??? Nora is my cousin's daughter, and she and Gage are just a couple of weeks apart in age. Nora is fabulous! We are very excited to get to borrow this special cradle for Eliette...)

On Sunday we had to head out and go back home... but not before some pics!

We headed home shortly after that. What I learned on that road trip: take your baby's bow off before a road trip. Why? Because inevitably at some point, she will wiggle about, pulling the headband down and then the bow will be right across her eyes. She will FREAK.THE.F*%#.OUT and you will be going 70 mph down the highway when all of a sudden she screams and cries like she's on FIRE. You WILL take the next exit. You WILL pull the f*%# over, and you will make things right in her world.

And you won't make that mistake again!
...I'm just sayin'....

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At 8:41 PM , Blogger Rikki said...

That has happened more times than I can count...the bow situation! And...she is getting really big!!!! And I STILL have not met her!!!! We need to change that!


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