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Friday, August 02, 2013

Eliette Meets Mema...

Eliette and Mema met on 7/5/13. Daddy, Gage, Eliette, and I drove down to Corsicana to visit Mema, and 2 of my aunts and mom were there too!

 Sweet girl in her pretty little dress! It matched one of Mema's guest rooms. We couldn't resist taking the pictures!

That photo above the bed.... Oh, how I love it. I grew up staring at that picture! It used to be in my Mema's room. I would lay on her bed and just stare up at that picture. It's a photo of my Mema, Pepaw, and 6 of their 7 daughters. Oh, I just love it!

Mema seemed to really enjoy spending a little time with Eliette. How lucky is my daughter that two of her great-grandmothers are alive to meet her and love on her? ...and how lucky am I to still have my grandmothers and get to share this with them? We are very, very lucky!

Gage had fun there too. He got to play with "Baby Lane" (who happens to no longer be a baby!)... I forget the name of the game that they were playing, but it was a pretty cool game that my Aunt Loraine bought quite some time ago...

Anyway... It was wonderful to spend time there with family and wonderful to have Mema and Eliette meet!


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