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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bath Baby....

Oh, the bath...
I've posted previously about how excited I was about the "Blooming Bath" that I got for E. I'm so over that thing!
I HAD to go and get a regular baby bath for her. I admitted to Hubby that it was one of those things that I thought I just HAD to have...and it was a total disappointment.

...anywhoooo....when we got the new bath, Gage was eager to help give E a bath. It was very sweet.

This little girl in the bath: just putting her into water can change her mood instantly. Rough time? Just add water!

Gage and Mommy worked together to give Little Miss a bath in her new tub.
{...and I just LOVE the Mustela baby shampoo that Dammit Arlene got for us. It's WONDERFUL!} sweet baby girl looks so much like her Daddy. It's just funny to me at times. And Gage was the same way when he was little, and now he's kind of grown into this blend of both of us....

Anyway.... Gage and I had fun giving Eliette a bath, and Eliette loved it too!

Now THAT's what a goofy big brother looks like!

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