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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eliette's Sink Bath...

That little flower bathtub is called the Blooming Bath. It was one of the new baby products I was soooo excited about!

Guess what: it sucks with newborns!
Sure, it's soft. But, in the kitchen sink, it really doesn't offer much support for laying a baby down, you know? In the bathroom sink it works better for supporting the baby's body, but the bathroom sinks are so shallow that you have to keep filling and draining the sink so that the baby stays warm and it doesn't overflow.

Then, there's the issue of it absorbing water. It's a big blooming sponge. So, when you're done using it, you are supposed to wring it out and either hang it to dry, or toss it in the dryer.
Wring it out? When it's wet, the darn thing weighs like 40 pounds! Then, my hands are only so big, so wringing it out isn't an easy task. Sure, it can drip dry in the shower/bath after I've wrung it out, but it takes about 3 days to dry. In the dryer, I'm always fairly certain that the dryer or the flower is going to catch on fire because it takes so long to dry in there too.

Maybe this will be a better product with E can sit up on her own, but for now---it just sucks.
...and I've already gone and purchased a regular, plastic baby bathtub.

The Blooming Flower has been a total DUD for us!

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