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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mario's Graduation

The first weekend in June, Eliette and I headed to Tyler to attend Mario's graduation. Can't believe he's graduating high school already!!!!

Now, Gage loves Mario to pieces....but he has attended a graduation ceremony before, and he was not thinking it would be fun to sit through another one. Also, the weekend would be all about Mario, so Gage wouldn't get to spend a ton of one-on-one time with Mario. He decided to skip Mario's graduation...

Eliette went!
Here's how she spent the evening:
It was so bittersweet to be there. First of was the anniversary of the death of Mario's mother. The day that he would graduate high school would be the anniversary of his mother's death... Oh, to just see what she was missing, and knowing how proud she would be.... Then there's the whole thought process of missing Allen. He would have been soooo excited. He would have been there, and wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world. He would have wanted to pal around with Mario and his friends, and they probably would have let him....Then to look out there at all of the high school kids---and to know that Allen would have had a similar graduation see what he is missing is just so....sad. It was sad. I said, it was bittersweet to be there. Soooo happy for Mario, and so sad about other things at the same time...

It really was a long evening/night that was filled with family, fun, laughter, pride, and some tears.

In the end, we were all tuckered out....
...well, except for Mario.... though I don't think his after-graduation-festivities are fit for the blog!

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