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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brother's Baseball Game....

Have I posted about Gage playing Summer ball through the YMCA?
If not, well, that's because the season happened at the same time that I was big fat pregnant, delivering a baby, at home with a newborn, and the whole season was kind of....blah.

There were times that we were lucky enough to have enough kids show up to play a game. There were times that we didn't have enough players and kids from the other team played on our team just so we could have a game.

Needless to say, it was NOT the same type of league Gage was used to playing in, but it was the only local Summer league. So we tried it.... Won't do that again.... Gage wasn't stoked about it....

On the day that we brought E home from the hospital, Gage had his first game with this team that night. Daddy got roped into coaching....Here's a picture of them back at home after the game...

About a week later, Gage was excited one evening to look out from the field and see Mommy and Sister there at his game. He wasn't so much expecting that!

How Eliette spent her time at the game (and please note that on this particular night, there was a breeze and it was pleasant out there, not super hot!):

Gage was very happy and proud to show off his sister....

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