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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hospital Discharge Day....

On our final day in the hospital,  Daddy fed Baby Girl with the SNS system. We were taught how to do it with our fingers too, and it was a nice way for Daddy and Eliette to connect...

...and how cute is it to see this big man holding his tiny baby girl, feeding her with his finger in her mouth? So cute and funny!

Stephanie, my OB's assistant came to visit me and meet the baby before we went home too. Yaaaay! I love her!

What else? Well, Itty-Bitty-Girl had her first photo shoot. My, my, my how things have changed. Hospital newborn photos have come sooooo far!

...a picture of her first photo session....

She was a perfect little model at 4 days old...

{Melis---do you recognize that headband!?}

"Are you ready to go, Eliette? Are you ready to head out on a great adventure!?"

After all of the photos were taken, we were ready to be discharged.  
Well, after the car seat safety check of course!

{Oh my goodness! Look at how yellow she looks in that picture!!!! In the moment, it didn't seem THAT yellow, but looking at the above picture.... look at her face compared to her little hands... oh my!}

So...once we could prove that we know how to work the car seat and properly buckle the baby in, we were ready to roll!

 That was it. That was the end of our hospital stay! After that, it was off to our house to take Baby Girl home...



At 6:37 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

I've enjoyed reading your recap of the birth and hospital stay! She is such a beauty!


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