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Friday, June 14, 2013

More Hospital Time...

Cannot believe I'm not done blogging about our hospital time...but I'm not...

Gage didn't always last very long during his visits. Hanging out in a hospital room is not much fun.... So, he'd walk the halls with Mommy, and he sometimes play with cars... so cute!

He was so sweet and cute to want to visit his sister and Mommy every day, no matter what!

 What else happened in the hospital? Well, my husband had to lose a pair of his athletic socks for the cause... what???? Check this out:
Do you see all of those monitors and bands on my arm?
They are all for patient safety and baby safety and all that jazz. I fully support patient safety! But, the stupid things were soooo inconvenient and they would interfere with the holding of my baby when I was trying to get my hands in just the right positions for nursing, or they would scratch her head.... they just were an awful nuisance! On the other hand/wrist area was my IV. Ugh.

So, Mom and I came up with THIS:

In the end, it was AWESOME. It kept the bands from twisting around and getting between my forearm and Baby Girl... It may have looked ghetto, but it worked! Ingenious!!!!

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