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Monday, June 10, 2013

Would You Look At That !?!?

{Philip....this post is for you!}

Daddy got flowers for Mommy, and flowers for Eliette. How cute are Eliette's flowers!?
{Would you look at that!? Just look at those flowers....would you JUST look at that!?}

...and Baby Girl got dressed in real clothes (not hospital clothes) on the Saturday following her birth. This ensemble included a poofy pink feather hair accessory from Kenzie. So cute! Thank you, Kenzie!
 {Look at that! Would you look at THAT!? Just look at it.}

What else happened that Saturday? More visitors!
Pawpaw came to Dallas and met Eliette for the first time...
And of course, he was probably thinking "Would you look at that!?"
{Would you look at that....Just look at it. Loooook at that....}

More visitors came...because obviously, everyone wanted to look.... We were so sorry to have to cancel our lunch plans with Mark & Jana that weekend, but super thrilled that instead, we got to introduce them to our new daughter!
{Would you look at that!? So many visitors! Just look at that! Looooook!}

....and then Daddy and Gage had fun visiting, and looking at Baby Girl, and changing her clothes...and well, just looking at her!(Gage picked the outfit for her to cute that he has a preference!)

You wanna talk about someone who loves to just sit and look at her?
That's her big brother.... (who would have ever thought!?)

{Look at that! Really, just look at it. Would you just look at that!?}

Gage got Eliette that sweet puppy (pictured above with them) as a gift from the gift shop. He didn't have a card, so he made one for her.... How sweet, I ask you!?

{Look at that! Would you look at THAT? Look at it. Would you just look at that???} 

...and for anyone wondering about the "would you just look at that!?," well, it was this funny video that Philip showed to several of us, including my had us cracking up! 

So....I think I've now gotten caught up to 5/18/13. Today is what??? June 10th! Life with two kiddos, one being a newborn....well, it leaves MUCH less time for blogging right now. I am hoping to get completely caught up soon!

So far, I've only covered the first two days of Eliette's life! Ha!!!

She's over 3 weeks old now....and we are loving every minute of it!

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At 6:19 PM , Blogger Christy said...

So beautiful.... these posts are lovely to see. from Christy in Sydney xx

At 7:01 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

Love your hearing all about it but love even more that you're just taking time to enjoy her!! And I super LOVE all the pics of Gage & his baby sister ~ you can just tell he is so proud and happy!! =)


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