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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zoo Trip!

The whole first grade at Gage's school recently took a field trip to the Dallas Zoo. I'm in no way trying to walk around the zoo at this point in my pregnancy, so Daddy chaperoned in my place.

I'd love to share a bazillion pictures with you.....but like I mentioned, Daddy chaperoned. He's not the family photographer... In fact, I have two photos: one sent to me from Hubby, and one sent to me from a girlfriend who was also on the zoo trip...

I think Gage was really happy that it was his Daddy who went. Daddy works and Mommy rarely works any more... So, Mommy gets to do the school stuff, and Daddy doesn't get to nearly as much. It's always a special treat for Gage when it's Daddy.... and he seems to be entering...or at the point where he wants to do things with Daddy, just the two of them.... I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant, or just his natural progression..... was wonderful for both of them that they got to share that and make memories.

...and for fun, here's part of a conversation about it: Gage said, "There weren't hardly any daddies on the trip..... The other mommies liked Daddy."
And of course Hubby jokingly follows that up with "yeah, they did."
{insert eye roll and smile...}


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