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Thursday, May 02, 2013

"Gigantor" ???

So, I'm 36w2d.
I went to the OB today. Actually, I saw one of his partners... I'm dilated "half a centimeter, maybe." She fully anticipates that I will continue to go along and make it to the c-section date. What I hoped to hear today, "Oh my! You're dilated to a 10, and you look radiant. Let's just have you go on home and grab your bags. Let's have a baby today!" Ummm....that didn't happen.

What happened? I got my cervix checked. Nothing going on there. I've had a TON of Braxton Hicks contractions, but we've proven that they aren't leading up to any dilation/labor, so I'm not running to L&D for any monitoring... I told Hubby that there will have to be a baby hanging out for me to head to L&D for monitoring again!

What else happened? Well, Little Miss who had been measuring behind based on my belly size in the past, now has the doctor thinking that she is bigger than the average baby right now. What did she say? She said that right now the average baby is about 6 pounds, and she thinks that our little baby is about 7 pounds right now. Whaaaaat? I've been thinking that this little girl is/will be smaller than Gage was. I dunno now.... I know, these are just estimated weights, and they were off with their estimates of Gage when he was born.... Back then, I think they were thinking he'd be 8+ to almost 9 pounds. He was 7 pounds 10.4 ounces.

Anyway....with Little Miss, the doc said that if she continues to grow at this rate, she would expect to see a baby over 8 pounds by the c-section date.
The good news: in less than 3 weeks we'll know for sure!
....and the growth pattern can slow down and speed up at any time. So, who really knows??? But it's fun to guesstimate, right???

Also had my Group B Strep test today. That's fun....{I'm kidding.}
And another HIV test. Apparently they now require 3 during pregnancy? I had to have one to start IVF, then one at the start of the pregnancy, and another just now....and then I'll have another at delivery. So, that's 4 in less than a year for us since we did IVF.... Ugh! I'm tired of blood draws!!!!! 

Anyhow....that's my update for today's OB appointment, and the above picture is from yesterday evening; I was 36w1d.



At 5:33 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

Ha, this post sounds similar to mine. Not dilated yet, but cervix is nice and soft. Baby measured in at 37 percentile at the ultrasound two weeks ago which I am perfectly fine with. :) HIV test? 4 of them? I'm not sure if I've even had one. I did have the Group B Strep done though. Getting so close girl!!

At 7:47 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

i remember going to the stores with littlebean in my belly and buying coming home outfits for not the newborn size b/c the midwife said the baby seems like 8 lbs.
what did i know about buying baby clothes? i looked at the tag and saw that newborn clothes went to 5 lbs. so i bought the 2 outfits (1 boy and 1 girl) at the next size up.

bean was born (a girl) at 9lbs 3 oz!
and even then- the coming home outfit, though precious, was way too big.

9lbs 3 oz is a far cry away from 8 lbs. good thing about C-sections, yeah?

good luck. feel well. and hang in there!


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