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Saturday, June 29, 2013

First Grade Awards

Gage had an end-of-the-year singing and awards program at his school. He was excited to have his sister attend this year.
She was only two weeks old, so I wasn't so sure about taking her into a class of germy first graders....but ultimately, we just went for it.

I don't have any pics of the singing program that was in the cafeteria. Have to say: one of my favorite songs that they sang: "Pretty Mama" to the tune of "Pretty Woman." It was a song for the mommies and I loved it! 

Pics from the awards portion back in his classroom...

Gage got lots and lots of awards including an award from the principal.

Family pics from the awards program...

We will miss Mrs.H, his first grade teacher, and we will miss that school. Gage will be going to a new school next year, and who will he miss the most? The librarian! He loved his librarian and loved going to the library every Thursday. Such a cute thing....

Truth be told, I think she'll miss him too!

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