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Friday, July 12, 2013

6/13: Eliette meets Gammy!

Gammy is Eliette's great grandmother. Well, one of them. Eliette is very lucky that she still has two living great grandmothers.

Gage, Eliette, and I headed to Gammy's assisted living when Eliette was 5 weeks old. It was high time that Gammy and Eliette met!

{And, I just LOVE this little bubble suit that Gammy got for her before she was born. It was perfect that she got to wear it when they met!}

Meeting Gammy...

And of course Gammy showed off her great grandkids to all of the other residents... So cute! And she even had a select few come to her room to meet Eliette.

It was very sweet.

We were going to get together with Gammy every-other-Thursday, but she recently had to be treated for pneumonia, so we've gotten off schedule. We'll have to work to get back on track!

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