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Thursday, July 11, 2013

6/12 Baby Chris Comes to Visit!

When GrandDaddy Al and Ruby brought Baby Chris for a visit and swim, Eliette was just chillin' with us by the pool...

Ultimately I decided that she might have been getting hot in those little pants, so we ditched the pants...

She didn't last long out there....but that's okay!

Baby Chris had a blast swimming! ...and so did Gage!

Gage and Daddy recently went to the local dive shop to get outfitted for snorkeling. Gage is really good at using his equipment properly. Love it! Now, he's also seen the scuba divers exit the boats on tv shows, so he's thrilled to show his skills....he cannot wait to be old enough to learn proper diving.

I can't believe he's so grown up!

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