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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

UPDATE: Hubby's surgery!

Hubby had his 2nd and hopefully FINAL sinus surgery today. This time they went into the sinuses in his forehead. Yikes! The recovery/awake sensation after this surgery has been described to me as "invisible fire" in your face.

The good news: they did all of this through his nose, and not through his forehead and so no, he doesn't have bolts sticking out like Frankenstein. Yaaaay!
{Hey, we take the small victories where we can.}

The bad news: our nighttime ritual is going to be screwed as I parent two kiddos solo! {Somebody, beer me!}
....just kidding, I'm nursing.
(Let me pump first!)

Okay...I must be delirious from sleep deprivation because I'm just getting silly now.
The update is that the surgery is over. It went well. The recovery should be easier than his last sinus surgery (though I can't imagine that recovery from ANYTHING shoved up your nose could be pleasant in the least).

Oh, and I broke my toe.
There's that.
....but more on that later.



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