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Sunday, July 28, 2013

4th of July 2013

Every year (except one...) since Gage was born, we've gone to Memaw's neighborhood for the annual Golf Cart Parade. Gage loves it!

Pics from the morning...

(She thinks Daddy is so much fun!)

Sweet boy...sitting on the curb, just waiting for the fun to begin.

...and HERE they come!
After the parade, we headed out for brunch. Then, we went home for a rest. I nursed Eliette, and we both took a nap. It was wonderful!

Then, James, Jess, R1 & R2 came over for swimming and cooking out... Jess and I were primarily indoors with E, so I have no pics from the outdoor fun. I have this one though...
It wasn't long after that Eliette spit up all over her clothes and she had to change. Well, she didn't have another 4th of July outfit, so we went with an "All American" theme. What did we come up with? Baseball, of course! {Hey, Mom, look! She's Baseball Girl!}

Here it looks like she's holding court with the boys....Ha!

As it was getting darker, we headed out to watch fireworks with James & Jess. 

Eliette couldn't have cared less...

How she spent most of the evening:

So, that was her very first 4th of July.... And to think that next year at 4th of July, she's going to be toddling about with fat little legs sticking out of a little Summer suit...with her little hands up to the side like all little ones do for balance. Oh, it's going to be darling! (not that I'm wishing my time away! I'm certainly not!)

...and I think of my son getting some point he's not going to want to watch fireworks with us. He'll want to be with his friends or (GASP!) girlfriend....
I am DEFINITELY not wishing our time away!

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