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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Class Party!

Gage's class V-Day party was on 2/15 (who DOES that??? who schedules these parties for the day after the event when the kids were in school on the actual holiday??? Gage's school....that's who).

Pics from the party prep work....I volunteered to make the cupcakes....

But then, my little cupcake toppers wouldn't stay open like they were supposed to. So, I resorted to super glue, and I was soooooo thankful that I happened to have some on hand! That almost never happens....
Then what? Party craft prep work. The kiddos were to cut paper hearts and write on them something that they love. Then, they'd each hang their heart on the "Let Love Grow" class tree.

I had to make the tree....So, Hubby cut the branches for me. I had to go buy some coffee so that I would have a coffee can to use!

Transporting the "tree" to school was fun....(yeah, right!)

Pics from the party....

The chaotic classroom....

Our tree was a hit!
The kids enjoyed the craft.
...and THIS little boy had a super-full goody-bag, and he was all kinds of hopped up on sugar!
Mommy's little Happy Boy! He LOVES Valentine's Day!

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So cute!


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