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Monday, February 11, 2013

So Much to Say...So Much to Say...

Okay, so I have so much to blog about. It's hard to catch up!

Where did I leave off about Gage's recovery? Super Bowl???
Well, we were supposed to have our post-op follow up appointment on that next Monday, but that's when I slipped in the shower in my initial steps of prepping to leave the house (...also combined with my final step of housework for the day... See what multi-tasking will get you??).... The appointment was rescheduled for the following Wednesday.

Pics from the appt:

If you can't tell from the pics----he reeeeeally didn't feel well. He did not get cleared to return to school. So, he scored more days at home: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun, to return to school on Monday (today, as I type this post).
He took his pain medicine in the car because it was due when we were leaving there, and that final hour before it's due again has been the hardest for him....
The days spent with him out of school each had their ups & downs. The first 2 hours after Lortab, he felt great, he was all smiles, and bouncing off the walls at times. He is NOT one of those children that gets knocked out by narcotics or his Phenergan. No, he's the opposite---he winds up and then comes down pretty hard in the final hour.

So, every day was like a roller coaster!
He was soooo very helpful to help me tackle some projects, like cleaning and organizing ALL of his bathtub toys...
He happily modeled his new swimming goggles for me:

On Wednesday night, Gage felt his baby sister kick for the very first time! {It wasn't her first time to kick, but it was his first time to even be remotely receptive to feeling it, and the timing was PERFECT!}

Yes, that's Gage pretending to walk across Mommy's belly. We were snuggling in his bed just before his bedtime.

The very NEXT night, on 2/7, Hubby got to feel her kick. Every time he'd tried to feel her movements in the past, she'd stop kicking as soon as his hand touched my belly. Maybe he has a calming effect on her.... Or, maybe she'd instantly straighten up because Daddy was paying attention! Who knows!?

What else did we do during our down time?
Oh, we read. A lot. Lots of library books, and what goes better with library books than Cool Whip? {Yeah, this Preggo Princess and her son ate it straight out of the Cool Whip tub. It was the bomb!}

{I think this OFFICIALLY makes me the coolest Mom ever, and for the record, it has less sugar in it than a glass of apple juice! ....of course, there's like no other nutritional value to it, but whatever... it's like eating sweetened clouds!}

Well, he got Icees too...when we spent one day running errands, he got an Icee from 7-11, and then we went through the car wash.... That's always fun!

During his recovery, he actually did spend some time napping and lots of sleeping late in the morning. He rarely slept through the night and waking up in the middle of the night with a dry, sore, scabby and gross throat became traumatic for all of us! His middle of the night medication  routine quickly turned into a 30 minute to one hour ordeal involving him taking a bath.... Don't ask me how or why it evolved into that. He found it comforting, therefore he got it. Did I mention that he got Icees and Cool Whip, and just about everything else he wanted during this recovery phase??? Did I mention that??? was WONDERFUL when he slept...

...or played quietly....
Ranger was routinely by his side....

On Thursday, he was ready to try his favorite for breakfast: Blueberry Muffins! Success!!!! 

On Friday, we had a meeting with the school nurse, a meeting with his current teacher (his regular teacher is out on maternity leave), and he got to participate in the decorating of the Valentine's Day bags...
Of course on Friday morning, he found Mommy's stash of stickers and supplies that I was contributing to the class activity, and he had some fun that morning, rockin' the bed-head look.
Sweet boy!!!!

Seriously, if you look over all of these pictures, it looks like his recovery was a breeze. I can assure you, it WASN'T. I just didn't take many pictures during the down times at home.

So, after the school activities on Friday, we went to the library to return our books and get some new ones. Gage had fun at the library....

....then we grabbed some lunch and went home because THIS momma was starting to really feel puny. Remember that cold I mentioned? It was right about this point during last week when I realized, "Hey, I think I have a cold." So, we went home and rested....

That's really about all I can catch up on today.
Everything else will just have to wait....

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At 7:45 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

Gage is such a cutie!! Glad that he is doing better ~ hope you're feeling better too!!


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