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Monday, February 11, 2013

Backyard Update!

Okay, so even if nobody else cares, I know that Carol E is interested in what is going on in the backyard! {Heeeeey, just kickin' my shouts out to Carol E, hangin' in A-town! What's uuu-uuuup!??}

Pics from last week....

Let's start with the sheds. In progress:

 So, I was told to go get some paint. Well, I originally chose this paint named "Peanut Butter." Guess what? They painted the sheds and I hated it. Hated it. Got up super early one day to head to Home Depot to get another color before the painters arrived because it just had to be different....darker....anything....

Updated shed picture:
I have no idea what the name of the darker color is, but oh well. It's better. The bright white trim??? matches the slide & the diving board, and my bare skin right now, so there's that.... It stays.

The outdoor kitchen in phases:

(Oh yes, please note that they are building in the empty lot next door to my house. They better be done with all that hammering and noise before Baby Girl gets here! This mama is going to be tired and I planning on napping during the day!)

Moving on-----here's the stone for the outdoor kitchen:
Sadly, yes, it had to be unloaded ONE STONE AT A TIME. Why, why, why was this not on pallets or in boxes, know, some kind of bundling system!?

When we came home Friday afternoon, this was the updated progress:

 Here are the pictures of the kitchen components:

The "Granite Guy" is matching the granite that came with the components so that we can have a bar that will sit atop the stone walls. Needless to say, Hubby is very excited about his outdoor kitchen....

It's coming together! 



At 7:43 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

It all looks SO good!!! Love the darker color on the sheds and the outdoor kitchen is pretty much fabulous!! =)

At 8:43 AM , Anonymous Angelina Garcia said...

Your outdoor kitchen looks so promising. With stones, granites, and stainless kitchen components, I'm sure you'll have an outdoor kitchen that many are dreaming of. How's the construction going? I hope you didn't encounter problems.


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