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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cuz Week 2012, Part 3 (Sat & Sun)

Saturday was a pretty lazy day around the house.

I made lasagna for dinner.

(No, Gage wouldn't try any. Yes, he ate more than just garlic bread. No, he's not wearing a shirt. Yes, he's still sporting the green mohawk/fauxhawk from the night before. Yes, those are finger-less camo gloves that he's wearing in August. Yes, they originally came with the fingertips intact. No, I don't think they are cool, but he does. Any more questions?)

After dinner, we took the boys out on the boat. This was Trystan's time to ever be on a moving boat.

I'd say they had a good time swimming!

Hubby and I took a small time out for a self-portrait...
....and then Hubby took a self-portrait of himself. (heeeheeee)
It was sooooo much fun out and about on the boat!

When it was too dark for swimming, we rode around and the boys ate snacks. We turned on the boat lines and just enjoyed cruising the lake.
The boys LOVE the blue lights. (Hubby included....)

So, then we packed it in.... loaded up, and headed home.

Sunday came, and it was time to take Trystan back to his mom.
We didn't do much of anything on Sunday. Breakfast.... the boys played some video games.... nothing special.

But, as you can see---it was a very.busy.week!

What I learned from Cousin Week 2012:
* a week can be a very long time.
* if I have more children, I'm going to need a car with more arm rests.
* Gage & Trystan love each other, but do better when they aren't with each other 24/7 for 7 days.
I'm just sayin'.....

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