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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cuz Week 2012, Part 1 (Sun-Tues)

Cousin Week 2012 started on Sunday, 8/5/12. After I met my sister to pick up Trystan, he came home with us and the playing began!


It wasn't long before it was time for dinner, baths, & bed...and of course, Turdy's nightly feeding.

And then the boy-type-fun set in. Who knew a whoopie cushion was


Monday morning started with a Pop Tart Taste Test.

Wild Grape was the big loser.

Monday morning included some errand running, and then we met Tera & Alissa (& their kiddos) at Chick-fil-a for lunch.

{Never-mind the face Noah is making in that above picture. He was being silly!}

After that? Swimming!!!!

We swam for a while with Tera & Aubri, Alissa, Noah & Landry. Can you believe that all I got was the ONE picture above? I've been slacking on photographing our pool time...

After swimming, we headed home. Daddy came home from work, and it was time for dinner. (The boys chose corn dogs.)

Then---outside play time with R1 & R2!

Before we knew it, another day was gone, and it was once again time for baths & bed.


Now, this one can sleep! The boys had to alternate who could sleep on the top bunk. I think the system worked out pretty well.

When the boys were both up and breakfast was had, it was time to hit the bank to pull out some cash. I had to take these two to get ready to head back to school.... I used an envelope system. They each had the same amount of $$ in an envelope. Once it was gone, it was gone. I let them do their shopping, and count the money after each transaction. It worked out very, very, well.

...starting with haircuts! We were trying a new place: Cool Cuts for Kids (or something along those lines...)
Why? Because they have video games. We gave it a whirl...

What came next? Shoe shopping..and then we hit Old Navy.

And then what? Lunch!

After Chuck E. Cheese, we still had more shopping to do. These two were WILD in the stores. WILD.

We had to run to Home Depot to pick up an air filter per Hubby's request. As we were leaving the parking lot, we saw this zebra car. Trystan hopped out to have his picture made with it...
And then----ice creams at the car wash to finish out our day!

....and the waiting at the car wash seemed to be never-ending. That's when the bickering really set in.
Thank goodness for this song! I cranked the radio up, and we all sang out hearts out heading home!

When we got home, R1 came over and Trystan & Gage wrote thank you notes/pictures for Daddy {Thank you for funding our shopping day!}

Trystan's stuff on the left, Gage's on the right. They couldn't wait to show Hubby their stuff! It was a fun fashion show of sorts in our living room.

It was a very long day.
It was quite productive, but it was long.

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