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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cuz Week 2012, Part 2 (Wed-Fri)


I had to take Gage back to the hair cutting place because the line at the back of his neck was incredibly uneven. I can't believe I didn't notice that the day before! Whoops.

After a 10 second fix, we headed to Yogurt Story.

(Gage was over having his picture made, and Trystan was eager to try every topping offered...less the nuts & coconut.)

We ran to the grocery store and dry cleaners after that....

And then we had a swimming date at the pool with Gage's friend, C & his brother, W.
We ordered pizza & had it delivered to the pool.

Sadly, that night ended with Gage getting into trouble for fighting and Hubby coming up to the pool to pick him up early. {He was SHOCKED that I followed through on that threat.} But hey---prior to that, the night was fine.


Thursday was spent at home. I cleaned and did laundry...the boys played... and then this cool kid was ready to head out for our Thursday evening plans:

What did we do? We went to the movies! What did we see? Spider Man.
Just as I was getting out of the car to take these kiddos into the theater, I reached for my eyeglasses to change out of my Rx sunglasses. My eyeglasses broke! UGH.
So, I wore my shades at the popcorn counter and into the theater. Then, I snuck my broken glasses onto my face. (Because you know, I looked so inconspicuous in the sunglasses in a movie theater!)

After the movie, the guys wanted a coin to make a wish in the fountain outside of the theater.
I obliged...

And this my friends.... This is the penny that may just give us a baby by next Summer! (Well, you know, this penny, my wish, and the meds, and IVF process, and God's plan & timing...)
{Please work, please work, please work.}


Well, on Friday, we headed to Rowlett Wet Zone for a fun-filled Friday. The boys had a blast!

Then, I let them play at Kid's Kingdom for a while before we headed home...

That night, we cooked out with some neighbors, and the kids played.
I didn't take any pictures that night. Shame on me!

....but I couldn't resist snapping a shot when Gage fell asleep in his itty-bitty recliner.
......little boy....
(Yes, that's a green mohawk/fauxhawk.)

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