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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sniff*Sniff.....I'm Sick.


I'm sick.
I missed work on Friday.
I missed the opening of the Omni Hotel, where I was supposed to get to see family and look at some beautiful photography.
I missed the whole weekend!

I thought I had a cold.
Maybe I did.
Last week...
...but today, when I couldn't take it any longer, I went to an Urgent Care Clinic "in town."

I have bronchitis...

...and sinusitis.

I've been an icky yucky snot bucket.

But----today, I got a steroid shot, and had a breathing treatment at the urgent care center, and I feel so.much.better. I could run a marathon right now! {Okay, maybe I'm not feeling quite THAT well...but I am feeling much better.} The down side: I will probably wake up tomorrow feeling crummy again. {Boohoo!} We'll have to wait & see. For now, I'm sick, but energetic.

Know what else I am?
Sick of tv.
Sick of movies.
I've watched: Juno, The Change Up, Couples Retreat, Horrible Bosses, Judy Moody & The Not Bummer Summer (with Gage), Arthur...and I think that's it. TV shows? Too many to list. And, I've napped a ton, but seem to be wide awake *& coughing* in the middle of the night. Good times. At the urgent care clinic, they offered to give me something for cough that would help me sleep....Damn that codeine allergy!

And now comes the time where I have to 'kick my shouts out' to my hubby: Thank you for making me grilled cheese sandwiches, and thanks for making the loaded baked potato soup, and thanks for going to pick up my medicine "in town" when I didn't have the patience to wait for it. Thanks for getting me vegetables, and pears, and bananas, and the good OJ. Most of all, thanks for my cherub tomatoes. {You know, it's the little things...}



At 5:17 PM , Blogger Kate said...

I'm so sorry that you're sick! Bronchitis stinks. Glad that your guy is taking good care of you. Hope you feel better very soon!


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