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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday Fun!

So, by Friday, Gage was fever-free & feeling better.
And...Aubri had the same illness the weekend before & earlier during the week.
So, when I got a call from Tera inviting us over for breakfast, we were on it!
Yes, if you were cruising down my street that morning, you probably saw me in my flannel pajamas, coffee cup in hand, Gage's hand in the other, as we crossed the road to Tera's house.
So random & fun.

And seriously---Friday was my lucky day.
Granted, I did have to sit at the tire shop & drop $300 bucks there....but beside that, it was my lucky day.
Not only did I share breakfast with the blonde cuties---but because Gage & Aubri were playing so well, Tera offered to keep Gage while I went to handle the tire drama. Seriously---Tera, if I win the lottery, I will buy you a mansion next door to my mansion so we can always be neighbors, okay?!

Some pics of the kiddos before I left...

{Aubri's digging a hole to China!}

Anyway....when I returned, the kiddos were still playing & I snapped a couple more pictures.

Gage really enjoys Aubri's dollhouse...

And, I got my little magic space phone. I still have no idea how to text message. I suppose I should read the little instruction manual that came in the box.... perhaps on another day....

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