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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Saturday, 11/1/8...the longest day in history.

Okay, so the post title may not EXACTLY be true...but I can assure you, at the Casa de Lainey Paney, it was a pretty freakin' long day.

And if you are Gage, Saturday was an AWESOME day.

Let's see....Gage woke to play outside with Mommy before breakfast...came inside & assisted in the kitchen. We made Kool-Aid & muffins for breakfast. Okay, not really Kool-Aid for breakfast....we made Kool-Aid b/c Gage likes to make it, but he doesn't really like to drink it...we made muffins for breakfast.

And then.....Mommy took Gage to a Fall Festival at a co-worker's church. It was kind of a drive (all the way out in Arlington!), but it was a good time.

Gage had the BEST time playing this little game. We played this...oh gosh, at least 5 times. It's called "Pin the Piggies". You have these little crates in a circle, and pink "piggie" balloons. You have a fly-swatter that you use to swat those little piggies into their crates.

And yes...there was even some tricycle racing...

After the three hot dogs, two sprites, and hours of fun in the sun, we headed home. I hoped Gage would nap on the way home...but that didn't really work out in my favor., we came home to a house that was cleaner than when we left it. Thanks, Hubby!

We made plans with some of the Mom Scouts for a family get together...but, before we left, Gage & Mommy had to have a little jumpin' on the bed fun!

Pam, Tera, Me, & Leslie...

Possible best conversation of the evening:
Gage: "Can I have some more apple juice?"
Tera: "No, your Mommy drank it all as a chaser following her tequila shot!"
Gage: "What's a chaser?"

....okay, so that last sentence didn't really happen...and yes, I took 1/2 a shot of tequila. Hey---Mark & Pam just got back from Cancun & brought it to Nathan & Tera b/c they took care of their dogs while they were out of town....Truly, I have not had Tequila since the 90s. So, I had 1/2 a shot of tequila.

And while I would love to blame the tequila for me getting on a tricycle...but as you've already seen, I did it earlier in the day sober. So...maybe I just ride tricycles with my kid b/c I'm just THAT COOL!

I'm not the only cool mom on the block...

And...we aren't the only cool kids on the block...Daddy got in on a little of the 3-wheel action...

UNTIIIIILLLL....he took a corner too quickly, and it didn't end well for Hubby...

Concrete is not all that forgiving at his age...

Hubby took Gage home around 10:20, and Gage was happily snuggled up in our bed with Daddy when I got home an hour later.

It was a very long, but fun filled day.

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At 7:34 AM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You are just the cutest mommy! and Daddy looks like he had a few shots of tequila in that 'fallen on the cement' photo!
Looks like a fun time.

At 8:09 AM , Blogger Beth said...

awwww, Gage is getting so big...such a Little Man.

and girllll, you are so hot!!!

At 8:15 AM , Blogger Jiff said...

Can hubby say WIPEOUT? hehehe.
I don't know if I could fit on a tricycle...and if so, I doubt I would be able to pedal! lol

At 1:31 PM , Blogger Steph said...

You are a fun mommy! I want to be like that!!! Poor Hubby! YIKES.


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